By: Brenda Ferguson Hodges

Fall is my favorite time of the year to update or refresh my wardrobe. I love to check out the colors for the season along with how I can utilize what I already have in my closet. It’s also the time to layer your outfits depending on how cold the weather is.

Fall is about color, deep rich color and you can be on trend without spending a lot of money. You may be surprised that you currently have some of the season colors in your closet already, so check before purchasing anything. Afterall, the same colors come in and out of style over the years.

Here are my favorite fall colors and currently on trend for the season. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors to make several outfits. Perhaps, try a different color this year that is part of your season palette. Why not purchase a scarf or jewelry in that color to pop an outfit? You will feel good in the new color and look good too.

I already have red in my wardrobe since it is my go-to and favorite color. So I’m excited that it’s selected as a fall color this year.

If you have a red jacket, you can match it with a leporad top or blouse along with black or brown slacks. Red and leopard look so rich together. If you haven’t tried it, you should. You can even wear cream (off white) and of course black.
Since red always pops an outfit, don’t forget to wear it in other ways including, pants, jeans, dresses, jumpsuits, blouses, tops, shoes, handbags, ponchos, jewelry, scarves, and my new favorite thing, glasses. Yes, red rimmed glasses, I love them.

Mustard is a combination of yellow and brown mixed together and it creates a muted yellowish brownish color. This is another one of my favorite colors and it’s been years since mustard has been selected as a season color.

Most of the times when I wear mustard I wear it as an accent color such as a blouse, shoes, handbag, or scarf. This year will I might step it up and add a little boldness to my wardrobe and purchase a mustard jacket or coat. It’s nice to have a pop of color on those cold and dreary days.

Mustard matches well with brown, olive, navy (denim), cream and of course black.

Blue (Marine)
This is my new favorite color for the season. Blue is not a color that I have worn, but once I tried it on, I absolutely love it. It is one of my season colors, but never tried it before since I didn’t think too much about it and concentrating on other colors. You can always tell when a color is something you should wear especially when you feel good wearing it and you receive compliments.

The blue this year is a marine ocean color. You can match it with cream, light blue, navy, mustard, mahagony and black.

Mahagony is as reddish-brown color. You will need to be careful with this color since it could be dark color on some skintones. You will need to make sure to lighten the outfit with a contrast color.For instance, if you wear mahagony slacks and jacket, add a blush (pinkish), or cream top.

Wear mahagony with teal, marine blue, mustard, blush (pinkish), rose and cream. Keep the outfit balanced with light and dark pieces.

This is another one of my season colors and so glad it is included in the fall palette this year. Olive works with many colors and you can match it with tan, pink (blush), brown, orange, cream and mustard.

As you can see on the color grid there are more colors for fall including, pink (blush), plum, orange, sky blue, gray, green, autumn maple, and navy. Do you have any of the colors in your closet?

Once you know your season colors, you will be able to coordinat colors and create many outfits for any season. Since I know my season colors, have them in my wardrobe and they happen to be color palette for fall, I will be able to vreate many outfit combinations for the season. I have also saved money since there is not much I will need to buy for the season. However, I will purchase a few accessories in the blue since I want to try a different color this year.

Due to the richness of the new fall colors, you should be able to find pieces in your closet that you can mix and match and make lots of outfits. This season the colors are so versatile to add what you already have in your up to date wardrobe.

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