Omaha Trails and Hiking

I had an amazing summer. I explored Omaha, went to several concerts, found new hiking and walking paths all around us, went camping, went tubing down the Elk Horn River and spent a lot of time with friends and family. I made a point to say “yes” more and it paid off. I am planning on continuing this amazing adventure collection as the temps grow colder and the days grow shorter.

Here is my bucket list for the next few months:
1. Go to a high school football game. Specifically my alma mater, Glenwood High School. I plan on being at the Homecoming game at the end of September to watch them win against…whoever they play.

2. Watch scary movies around a camp fire at Riverwest Park RiverWestPark. I’ve done this the last two years and it is so fun. You pay to get in (last year I believe it was $5) and you can either just watch movies in chairs or on a blanket, or you can rent a fire pit (you rent it ahead of time on their website, I believe it is $20) and sit around the camp fire and enjoy the movies on the big screen. They are campy, scary movies. There are also some characters running around trying to scare you – they always succeed with me.

3. Go on a colorful hike. I spent a lot of time hiking this summer, and I am excited to go back to my favorite sites (Platte River State Park, Hitchcock, Chalco) to see the new fall view.

4. Go apple picking in Mondamin, Iowa at Small’s Fruit Farm SmallFruitFarm. I’ve never done this, nor did I know it existed until my best friend Missy brought it up during our brainstorming session for this list.

5. Sit around a campfire with good friends. I’m leaving this one generic, as I am sure I will do it with Nick, Missy (if she gets her fire pit done) and Ryan (if he gets his fire pit working).

6. Hike High Trestle Trail in Boone County, Iowa. My County Parks. A co-worker told me about this trail and said it is a must for any Iowa native.

7. Find a sewing machine so I can start learning to quilt. I don’t want to pay a lot of money for a machine, since 1. I’m not sure I’ll be good at this and 2. I may lose interest in it pretty quickly.

8. Carve a pumpkin. I seriously cannot remember the last time I carved a pumpkin so I think this is the year. Also, I’ll give myself extra points if I go to an actual pumpkin patch and pick it out.

9. Take a day to explore Onawa, Iowa. The three people I spend a good amount of time with (Missy, Ryan and Natalie) are all from there and I hear a lot about it. I obviously have been there, but I have not fully explored the small town.

10. If I’m going to explore Onawa with three natives, I am surely going to make them explore Glenwood, Iowa, my hometown, with me.

11. Kayak or canoe in Omaha. While hiking at Chalco this past weekend, Missy and I saw some people canoeing and decided we need to get involved with that.

12. Go to Walnut, Iowa on November 26th for the Christmas Antique Walk Walnut Iowa.

13. Drink and eat as many pumpkin spice flavored things as I can.