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Snakes and Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

You remember the old nursery rhyme?
‘Sugar and spice and everything nice – that’s what little girls are made of.
Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails – that’s what little boys are made of.’

Well, I can tell you I am absolutely delighted when my rough and tumble grandson picks up the traits of the other side. Here are a few of those “everything nice” moments:

•When asked how he woke his 4-year-old cousin up from nap:
“With a hug. That’s the only way to wake someone up.”

•When giving his great-grandma a straw for her drink when she was ill:
“We need the straw with the red stripes. Red is the color of love.”

•My rope and chain-obsessed grandson, when his younger cousin said she was afraid to get her shots for kindergarten:
“We need to get her a plastic chain like mine. It will make her so happy. And, I will tell her to close her eyes with the shot and think about the chain.”

Universal traits
Many boys are more physical than girls, and we sometimes encourage girls to focus on developing their nurturing side. In truth, there are some traits I think we should develop in all grandkids, boys and girls alike. Here are a few:

Physical abilities
Little boys are told they are strong, fast and adept at sports from a young age. Girls should hear those things too, and be encouraged to develop any strength or pursue any sport.

I see both of my oldest grandkids show this with their younger siblings. Being able to put yourself into the place of another is an emotional skill that some adults need to develop.

All kids love to pretend to be the parent to a doll, the doctor to a stuffed animal, or a teacher to a class. Whether we are talking about my granddaughter (whom we nickname the ‘baby whisperer’) or my grandsons; caring for a pet, a doll or a sibling is to be encouraged. And, it makes for some really interesting (and funny) dialogue if listen in.

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Strawberry / Banana Snake Snack

Parent Savvy Grandma PadSurprise your grandkids with this easy-to-assemble fruit snack. Or, better yet – let them help make it!


•6 or 7 ripe strawberries (depending on the length you want)
•1 or 2 bananas (again, depending on length)
•1 small marshmallow
•2 chocolate chips


1. Wash the strawberries
2. Cut the top from one and set this complete strawberry aside
3. Slice the remaining strawberries into slices across the width
4. Make one strawberry bottom slice a bit larger and set aside
5. Unpeel and slice the banana into similar pieces
6. Assemble your snake body by lining the fruit next to each other, alternating banana / strawberry
7. If you want to make sticking the pieces together easier, you can add a dab of yogurt, jam or hazelnut spread between them.
8. Take the strawberry bottom and put that at the end of the snake for the “tail”
9. Use the first strawberry with for the head and top of the snake (as shown)
10. Cut the marshmallow into 2 small piece and press onto the head for eyes
11. Use the 2 chocolate chips as pupils of the eyes
12. Any small piece of fruit or vegetable cut into a strip serves as the tongue
Eat and enjoy!