Omaha Kids Back To School

SPIN for Back to School Success

by: Dr. Greg Severson 

Is there an easy “recipe” to make this a successful year for your kids? expert Dr. Greg Severson, pediatrician with Methodist Physicians Clinic – Healthwest shares his SPIN formula: “I tell parents to remember S-P-I-N to create success for their kids in school. This acronym makes it easy to remember the areas that really impact school performance,” according to Dr. Severson.
S is for SLEEP
Set a reasonable bedtime on school nights
School-aged kids should receive between 10-11 hours of sleep each night. Teenagers need between 8-9 hours. If your child gets too little sleep, it can directly affect the brain’s ability to learn and store information. Sports injuries and driving accidents are also commonly attributed to a lack of sleep. 
Omaha Family Boy Holding BooksYour words of encouragement can have a tremendously positive effect on your child’s attitude in and out of the classroom. Being in a new school, or classroom can be stressful and scary at

any age. “You’re going to do great in 7th grade! Pretty soon you will have new friends and you will know your way around.”
Prevent sickness and infections by frequent handwashing. This goes a long way toward reducing colds. Vaccinations are also an important part of protecting your child’s health and safety attending school. Your child should receive a flu shot each year to protect against the most current strains of the virus.
A good breakfast can help your child stay energized for class and any extra-curricular activities. Eating the right foods can also positively fuel their growth and development. I recommend preparing a breakfast that is rich with complex carbohydrates and proteins. 
If your child does not like eating a traditional breakfast foods, try substituting some healthy alternative. Good substitutes can include a turkey sandwich or even chicken nuggets. is your local resource for health and parenting information.