The penny reminds us that life is full of hope, it inspires gratitude,
and ignites abundance… whenever you see a penny remember to take a
moment and acknowledge something you are Grateful for. In the moments that you can’t know that there is someone Grateful for you- Studio Penny Lane

Studio Penny Lane was created after the tragic loss of Conrad Morales, a good friend of founder and CEO, Laurie Wilson. Laurie cultivated Studio Penny Lane with the vision of teaching children how to positively live their lives full of love, gratitude, and compassion. Not only does change start within our society’s young people but within everyone. Studio Penny Lane’s products are a perfect reminder to anyone to slow down in life and truly appreciate the moments we have. Using the penny in unison with their products is a physical way to express mindfulness on a day to day basis in order to develop a healthy habit of self-awareness and receive clarity of mind.

My Magical Mind
With this product, you learn the power that you hold within your own mind. The philosophy that things don’t only happen to you, but rather for you and intentionally having thoughts towards self-progression is encouraged through this outlet of using My Magical Mind. This includes a jar and glitter, you then add water and shake it up. The swirling of the multi-colored glitter represents your restless thoughts. Once the glitter settles at the bottom of the jar, your mind is at peace and this is a reminder that you have the power to pause and step into a safe place in your mind. You always have access to that but it takes intentional practice to acquire this power.

studio penny laneGratitude Apothecary Jars
Studio Penny Lane’s best-selling product is a daily reminder to be thankful for something or someone in your life. Also, with their Him and Her gratitude jars, you can find something to be grateful for in your significant other as well. Incorporating this small and simple daily practice into your life results in a happier and fuller mindset. Gratitude apothecary jars make wonderful gifts and can also be a treat for yourself.

studio penny laneLove Elixir Set
This gift set includes a beautiful clear 32 oz. Elixir and two tumblers with gold text. The Elixir reads a beautiful quote, “If you believe in the magic of yourself and align with these states of being, you will live a content, truthful, peaceful and grateful life…full of love. Drink in your own Magic.”

studio penny laneCandles
All of Studio Penny Lane’s candles are made with 100% soy wax and lavender essential oils to promote a relaxing aura. There is a “Breathe”, “Gratitude”, “Harmony”, and “Love” candle. The Love candle doubles as a tumbler after burning. Each candle encourages gratitude with each site of a penny.

studio penny laneDaily Love Tool Kit
Self-love is such a significant factor in emotional well-being and translates into overall health. With the Daily Love Notes Jar by Studio Penny Lane, you can interactively practice self-love on a regular basis by expressing love towards self. A simple practice holds a deep meaning and reminds you that you can cultivate love within yourself.

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