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    Dear Mom, you are going to be a Grandma! When my daughter and son-in-law were expecting their first baby, they threw a “leap year party.” As guests arrived, they were met with a handmade poster with an ultrasound picture and the caption “Who has a Leap Year party? We are expecting a baby!” They set up a video camera and caught the reaction of each person as they entered and realized the truth. So I wondered – what other inventive ways do parents-to-be use to break the news?

    Grandma Pad PicGrandparent license plate: My kids gave me a license frame that says “Great moms are promoted to Grandmas.” Although I received it as a Christmas gift, it would make a fun great announcement gift.

    “I love Grandma” logo wear: You can wrap a cute onesie for the grandparents-to-be – or dress up a teddy bear in an “I love Grandma” outfit.

    Let a book announce the news: Is there a favorite book your mom used to read to you? Buy a new copy (or hand down the copy you still have) with a message saying “I loved when you used to read to me. Start practicing so you will be ready to read to your grandchild!”

    Can you hold the baby? Hand your parent an ultrasound picture of your baby saying “Can you hold the baby for me?”

    Take advantage of a nearby holiday:  Just like my kids’ leap year party idea, use traditions or decorations a nearby holiday to announce your news. At Christmas, my daughter created a “baby’s cottage” to go with their Gingerbread house. Around Easter, hide the news in an Easter egg.

    Use food as a hint: Place a bun placed in the oven (turned off). Ask the grandparent for help getting the dish out of the oven. You could also serve dinner with “baby-named” foods like baby carrots, baby corn and baby-back ribs. During the meal pointedly ask for the BABY food. At the end of the dinner, if someone hasn’t already figured it out, they serve a dessert of baby food fruit.

    No matter how you announce your parents’ promotion, try to capture the wonder, joy and love you will undoubtedly see on their faces!

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    The Grandparent-To-Be Kit

    A fun way for you to announce the news to your parents is to create a “care package” of things the Grandma Pad Picnew Grandparents will need / want. Package these to help ‘promote’ your parents to grandparents!:

    • Knitting needles and yarn

    • “It’s a Baby” bubblegum or chocolate cigars

    • Grandma’s Brag Book for photos

    • “Coupons” you can make for baby rocking time, baby kisses, snuggles

    • Burp cloth to use when holding the baby

    • Little baby spoons for those first feedings of baby food

    • Memory book – or interview journal for Grandparent to fill in memories and history

    • Homemade Bath Salts (recipe follows)


    2 cups Epson salts

    1 cup baking soda

    ½ cup citric acid (found in drug stores)

    Optional: red & blue food coloring

    10-20 drops of lavender essential oil

    Directions: combine Epson salts, baking soda, food coloring and essential oil. Mix well then add citric acid and stir again. Store in bags in a a dry location.