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Success Strategies for Online Classes
By: Vanessa Le
Taking online classes in college are very convenient, especially if you have a job, on- campus classes and other priorities. Online classes allow you to work on your own time and you don’t have to commit to going to a physical class every week. However, it does depend on how you treat this freedom that comes along with an online course. It can be easy to fall behind on your assignments without the proper self- discipline. Here are some tips to keep you on top of it.
Write It Down
Physically writing down due dates, assignments
and major exams will greatly help you with your
online class success. Only seeing your class online
can make it easy to forget important points if you
don’t try to engage further. Just like you would in
any other class, take notes from the online power
points or lectures and study them before your quiz is due. Quizzes are obviously open book, however, your quiz taking will go much smoother if you have studied it ahead of time and then go into it with your well written notes in front of you. Not to mention, some quizzes and exams are timed as well, depending on your professor. Keep a planner to track due dates and have a separate notebook for your online class.
Designate “Class” Time
Since you are not obligated to physically go to a class, take the initiative to set aside a designated time every week to focus on that online class. Make it a point to touch base with your online class at least twice a week to be familiar with the content. Let’s say your professor posts new lectures and assignments every Monday at 12 pm but you know you have to go to work every Monday afternoon to night but you are off on Tuesdays, so set aside a couple hours on Tuesday to read the lecture and take notes. This is a perfect example of using your freedom wisely. Plan out your study session by going to a coffee shop or library to focus on that one class for a certain amount of time. This way, you create a class time for yourself and you will feel the same type of obligation as taking an on-campus class. It is never a good idea to start your assignments at the very last minute, so to be safe, do your assignments early.
If you have a paper due on Sunday at midnight, start writing on Monday or Tuesday instead of procrastinating!
Communicate with Your Professor and Classmates
There is a disconnect between the teacher and student by not seeing them in person so make it a point to reach out to them when you have questions or concerns to further your understanding of their expectations. Also, most teachers will have on-campus of ce hours. It is easy to give very little effort in online classes, so showing that you care about your grade will be apparent to your professor. When it comes to online text, it can be confusing to depict the tone they are using and how something is meant to be said, so no matter how minor it may seem just reach out to your teacher anyway. Working towards success means working with other students, especially if you are struggling with the material. Contact your classmates and organize a study group! You never know, others may need help too but are shy to reach out. When you don’t understand the material, the worst person to study with is yourself! So, get comfortable with admitting that you need help. You have nothing to lose.

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