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8 Great Ways TO Support YOUl Student (alld Stay Sane!)
By about college, get informed jr _ —
by reading books and _

As parents who have been through the college Visiting coiiege Websites’ ,

admissions process, we've witnessed the strange share them Wiih your kids .

things that happen to perfectly normal people TWO axcaiiani books an the u i ; e '

who get swept up in the frenzy. It's not pretty. But apniication niocass from the ' “ ii. i

instead oftelling you all the things you should admissions and counsaiing ' i sssi ‘ / I

not be doing (lest you be labeled a helicopter/ perspectives are iiihe __ ‘ / i _ i ‘il ,i / , ii
snowplow/bulldozer parent), we're going to focus U Fiisi Expeii Advice on i i i v ’ i ‘_i-  .

on how you can positively support your student Finding the Right Coiiega V i’ _

and Stay Sane‘ and Getting Accepted by l ': ‘  l

s .
. . ~ 3

1. Relinquish controI.Trust. Kevm Mclvlullm and Robert _ l A, ‘,

Your kid is going to college — not you. This doesn't Flaneki (from C°llei9eW'5e/ —: i  . l I  i

mean you don't have a part to play. As one of our The Prlncetolf Rievlewl alld / K ' ,- i-  i  _ l

kids said, "Parents are useful.” But you'll do your C°"e.9e Admlsslonz From $_  J "'*-2‘ i. 1
best parenting if you encourage your student Appllcatlon to Accepilanca \\ _a__. 3%,... , _ __- ‘ , in\}

to take the lead on this one. Applying to college Step by Step by.RC_’b'n V I ,.’l .
requires a bit of soul searching and can be a really ill//larrigleiiairilsd §i_h”5t'”e ‘‘ /iii’ i
positive, growth experience for teens. |fyou're iii: iieoi: inesid: 3:: more

th t t th b t bl t t k t - - - I I
bait :sl'ilipi__l:eoLei  iitleiilillenamijieo : :iahSa:p admissions officei Check out some college biogs private counselor eliminates the parental nag
you sign ilmagiiie pl 9 l W y such as the ones from Tufts and Tulane factor and makes the selection and application

' process not only more efficient, but much more

2. understand why kids resist 4. Encourage and empower your student. enjoyab|e,

Lots of parents have asked Us Why their normally Thele are many~WayS to Support your Stuclent Here are some resources for finding a trusted
m°tlVated' hlgh achlevlng klds Seem to be Whlle encourég-lng them H? take owners-hlp of the counselor IECA (Inde endent Educational
avoiding the topic of Coiiegei Wave found that process. Providing them with resources is one of ~ V i9 i i

. the best, Consultants Association), HECA (Higher Education

fear is often the reason. Fear of the unknown; fear Coiisiiiianis Association) and Coiie ewise

of not me_a5l‘"l'?9 up‘ At the Same tlme' they're Counseling Support Services: Encourage your I g '

l0U5Y dealmg Wlth thell’ h'9h 5Ch°°l Woikload and student to make fun use of their high school Bottom line: it's often helpful to have an objective
active social lives. Going to college also mayibring Coiiega Coiinsaiing Caniei, and in forge a strong aduit invoived _ someone Dine, than a parent’

up Some. ”n5etFl'”9 Subiects _ llke leavmg fllends relationship with their counselor. Many high Besides, if you know they are in 900d l1andSi W5
and fam'ly bel"nd' and '” many cases’ m°V'”9 to a schools do an excellentjob of advising students much easier to take a step back and let your kids
Strange new place far away from home‘ and are able to take the time to work closely with do what they need to do.

if your kids resistance has you Concainadi have each student. At large schools, where the caseload 5- Find your role.

an honest conversation with them. Ask them to for counselors "lake °ne'°n_°n? colfltiact ancl -i-aik with your kid about how they Wouid iika
articulate what they want and what's holding them _5tep'bV'5teP 9U'da“C€ Challenging, Its especially you io iieipi one Way paieiiis can Siippoii iiieii
back‘ Ii?-lpnomiaint tio encouirageiliiour Studnerilt tiiivlslt tihelr student without taking over is to help with

ig sc oo counseor— eycan ep empana  _ '_ i i

3. Chill out, stay positive, and get informed. strong class schedule, provide information about °"9a”'Zat'°”i- Wm‘ 50 Wuch 9°”"9 °"‘ '“i h'9h

Kids pick up on their parents’anxiety, so if you are upcoming college events at school, and will write 5Ch°°l arld k'd5 aPPlY”‘9 to m°'e tha” J”5t 3
anxious about the admissions process do whatever one of their recommendation letters. few C°lle9e5: Staying Oiganlled l5 essentlal f0r
you can to keep your stress in check‘ one Coiiege i i meeting important deadlines. Here are some great
freshman told us that her parents were so stressed For fave" more °ne'°n'°ne Support’ Consldel usmg 0|'9anlZatl0“ “P5 from DaV€‘nt53

out during the pwcessi it made he’ even m°le apnvate College Founselclr who Wlll empower your Have our student create a se arate email address
anxious than she aiiaady was she Wished they kid to take the reins.They ve got the expertise and i Si is?’ aiiiiiiii scoiie e Keepii Sim ie is their
Couid have instead beenua caiini reassuring Voice” time to help students find colleges that fit, and the JU I g g . pi I  I. ., i
for hen skills to help them manage application deadlines name @. Encourage them to keep l0gInS and

and write compelling essays. Many parents find passwords to various college admissions portals in

Instead of buying in to the sensationalized news that having their high schoolers work with a one place. (Continued)

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